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Making A Difference

Admin Staff

Mark Major - Deputy Principal
Mark Burns - Principal
I started in Education in 1988. I have a passion for ensuring that every child has access to quality educational and social/emotional programs.
I believe that it only takes one person to make a difference in a child's life, this person can often be an educator.
To quote Nelson Mandella : “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Rivervale Primary School (formerly Tranby PS) seems to run through my veins!  I started teaching here in 1998 and met my wife at Tranby Primary who was on Teacher Exchange in 1999.  Having resigned and lived in the UK for a couple of years, we returned to Perth and I was fortunate enough to win a position back at Rivervale.  After leaving Rivervale again to accept a Deputy Principal Position at another school, I returned some 4 years later as the Deputy Principal of Tranby.  I can honestly say I have an enormous connection with this school and I am very passionate about the programmes we run here!
Brenna Hodge - Registrar
I have worked at Rivervale Primary since 2004 and have enjoyed the relationships I have built up over time with the children and their families. I will be the first welcoming face you see and will greet you with a ready smile and as much help as possible.

Teaching and Support Staff

Fran Davies - School Psychologist
Colleen Anderson - Education Assistant
I have worked as a school psychologist for over twenty years. My first ten years were in the country and then I transferred to the South Metro Region. I have been at Rivervale Primary since 2012 and I am not supposed to say, but it is my favourite school! I love the friendly, family atmosphere and the caring staff.

I started working at Rivervale Primary School in 2013, prior to this I have worked in children’s services both here in Australia and overseas. I assist predominately within the junior classes and I also facilitate the MyTime Rivervale Play Group. This gives me the privilege of getting to know the parents and care givers on a more personal level. I love the diversity of our school community, it makes each day as unique as each individual child.

Terri Dufty - Librarian
I am the library officer at Rivervale Primary School.
Holly Bezic - Year Two/Three teacher
I have been an Early Childhood Teacher since 2005. I love seeing the growth in my students and am proud to take part in their learning. My love and passion for teaching is ignited when I walk into the classroom and see the smiles on each child's face. I value the importance of building strong foundations in literacy and numeracy in the early years and strive to assist each child in my class to reach their full potential academically and socially.
Astrud Johansen - Art Specialist
I have worked in education for many years. I have a passion for the creative side of education as I believe being creative fosters positive self-esteem which in turn nurtures a healthy attitude towards all aspects of a student’s education.

Jayde Dalton - Chaplain
I started as the Chaplain at Rivervale Primary School in 2015. With a background in Psychology, I have worked with young people in numerous settings. In my role as Chaplain I provide pastoral care, being there for the whole school community. Through building relationships with staff, students and families I want to empower people to grow, celebrate their successes and show them that they matter.

Bernie Lewis - Year Four/Five Teacher
Danae Gregory - Year Five/Six Teacher
In order to successfully achieve to their potential children need to believe in themselves, children need to believe that they are worthwhile. Children need to believe that the contributions they make are worthwhile. Children need to believe they are genuinely valued by those who are significant in their lives
I believe if children have a positive sense of self and of others the formal learning of Literacy and Numeracy will be achieved.
I have come in to “teaching” later than most others. However this has given me the opportunity to experience, first hand the part education plays in life. I have been where you are going, even though the circumstances may be different. I have been married for over 30 years and have four children. So I have really been in education for 30 years.
I have been a qualified teacher since 2009. In the ensuing years I have taught from Pre Primary to Year 7. Teaching at  Rivervale Primary is an exhilarating challenge that I look forward to every day. The camaraderie shared by the staff is unparalleled and the students are awesome!

II began teaching at Rivervale Primary School in 2012. I have completed a Bachelor of Social Science degree with a major in politics, and specialisations in Indigenous studies and Sociology. I developed a passion for teaching during my studies, and therefore went on to complete my Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary).
I am an enthusiastic and energetic professional with a love for education. I believe it is a great honour to be an educator and be able to assist children to reach their educational goals.
My approach to teaching is directed by the belief that education (including ethics, morals and values) can improve the character of an individual and ultimately the world.
James Keirnan - Year One Teacher
I qualified as a primary school teacher in 2010 and I specialise in early childhood. My teaching career began in England educating children from Pre-Primary to Year 2. I first came to Australia in 2012 for one year and I was lucky enough to work at Tranby Primary School (as it was formerly called). After another few years teaching in England, I knew that I wanted to come back to Australia and teach at Rivervale Primary School. I believe every child deserves an education that inspires, challenges and nurtures the mind. 
Carol McCormack - AIEO
Kerry Liston - Education Assistant
The year 2002 saw me begin assisting special needs children in a school setting.  I thoroughly enjoy creating opportunities and assisting every student to achieve, enjoy and advance in all areas of learning.
Robert MacKenzie - Year Three/Four Teacher
Robert MacKenzie is a teacher at Rivervale Primary. He currently teaches in our Year3/4 classroom.
Carol is an AIEO at Rivervale Primary School
Kelly Moeller- Education Assistant
Kelly Moeller is an Education Assistant at Rivervale Primary in the Pre Primary class.


Jackie Phillips- Education Assistant
Michelle Procter - Year Five/Six Teacher
I have been teaching for a good part of 20 years. I started in 1991 in an Aboriginal Community 900km south of Darwin.  I am a Primary trained teacher.  This means teaching from Kindy through to Year 7.
My specialised background for the last 5 years has been in Science. I worked for 2 years at Scitech in Perth. I was the Aboriginal Education Co-ordinator. I travelled to every WA community school delivering Science Education.
Working at Rivervale Primary School has been a great injection into my teaching. The children and the staff are great people to work along side.  The school is very supportive of Science and the children absolutely love working and exploring Science.
Helena Peden - Technology and Enterprise Teacher
I started my career in a year 1/2 class in 2005 at Wiluna,1000kms from Perth. I taught there for two years. It was an amazing experience, working in a Remote Aboriginal Community, learning about the issues and having the opportunity to make a contribution to the future lives of the children there,  I moved back to Perth to be closer to my family and friends and took a position at Challis Primary school in Armadale for a year. I have worked at  Rivervale Primary School since 2008 where I teach Years one and two.
My  philosophy has always been that all children can be successful learners and I work to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of my students.
I am committed to the school and the students I teach. I believe that the early years are the most important for a child's education and aim to instill a love of learning in each child in my class.
Vanessa Stella - Education Assistant
I started working at Rivervale Primary School in 2016 as a special needs education assistant, prior to this I worked in early intervention for The Autism Association. I thoroughly enjoy creating strong bonds with students and supporting them to achieve their goals.  
Jackie Phillips is an Education Assistant at Rivervale Primary.

Sharon Thompson - KindyLink Teacher
Initally Teacher in Charge of the Belmont and Bentley Community Aboriginal Kindergarten. I came onto the school site at Rivervale Primary in 1996. I have been teaching the Kindergarten Program at Rivervale Primary School since then. This year i am also a member of the Kindilink team, a new iniative for Aboriginal Pre Kindies. Early childhood education is my passion and my joy. 

Teleah Piperis - Year Two/Three Teacher
I walked through the doors of Rivervale Primary School as a nervous prac student in 2011. What started as my first prac school turned into my second family and home. I worked as an Education Assistant at Rivervale during my education degree and I am now a year 2 classroom teacher. I am passionate about providing a learning environment that is safe and allows students to find and embrace their own passion for learning. I want my students to feel as excitied about learning as I do about teaching.

Jeanette Wheatley - Pre Primary Teacher
With a passion for teaching in the early years I came to Tranby in 1996 to teach in Pre Primary. Since then I have embraced and enjoyed the strong cultural background of the Rivervale community. I have found Rivervale Primary such a special place to work. It has a positive, supportive and inclusive approach to learning. The skills of all the staff are fine tuned to meet the needs of each individual here.
I’ve travelled overseas and to other city and country schools to study early learning at it’s best. I have relished in implementing my growing knowledge and understanding of children and how they learn, especially early intervention. I place a high value on the partnerships and friendships I have built up with parents, carers and families in sharing the role of educating their children here at Rivervale.

Rachel Van Bruekelen - Education  Assistant
I am a Education Assistant who has worked with Special Needs students at Rivervale Primary School since 2005. i really enjoy working with specific students but get immense pleasure being involved in many whole school programs.

Suzie Wiltshire - Education  Assistant
I am an Education Assistant working with special needs children.
I also double up as a School Officer, i have been working at Rivervale Primary since 1997.